How do I make a purchase?

Select the items, choose color and quantity, and click “Add to Cart.” Once you’ve completed the list, review the summary, check the accuracy of the data, select the destination and payment method, and finally click “Proceed.” You will receive a confirmation email containing the code assigned to your order. You can proceed with the payment afterward. We will send you another notification upon payment received.

Can I purchase as a guest?

Yes, certainly. Just provide your name, address for shipping, tax information if you require an invoice, an active phone number for the carrier, and an email address to receive order notifications.

How do I activate a promotional code?

If you have our promotional code (received via email or in-store), you can enter it in the appropriate field within the Cart. If the voucher is valid, the discount will be applied immediately and deducted from your order total. Always pay attention to special conditions, expiration dates, and usage limits: some discounted items or collections may be excluded, or there may be a minimum spending threshold.

Can I modify or cancel my order before it is shipped?

Yes, until you receive confirmation of payment. Afterward, the order cannot be modified or canceled, but you can contact our customer service by emailing info@ganzaroma.com, calling +06 86295777, or sending a WhatsApp message to +39 3385953108 to request the activation of the return procedure.

Can I request a gift package?

Certainly. Once you receive the order confirmation, fill out the form in the Assistance section and specify your request in the Message Area, referring to the order number and shipping address. We will specially package your gift.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can conveniently and securely pay via Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Klarna, PayPal, and PayPal Express (Visa, Mastercard, American Express circuits) and cash on delivery for orders below € 1000.00. In the latter case, a surcharge of € 9.50 will be applied for the service.
Note: For payments made by bank transfer, the shipment of the goods will only take place once we have confirmation of the credit to our bank account.

Are my purchases on ganzaroma.com protected?

Certainly. Ganza Roma’s online shop uses the SSL3 security protocol: an advanced data encryption system that protects the user and their online transactions, preventing interpretation, reading, or decoding by malicious third parties.


Which countries does Ganza Roma ship to?

Ganza Roma ships worldwide, view the complete list here:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • China
  • Czechia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Istrael
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

Feel free to send an email to info@ganzaroma.com; our team will strive to fulfill your purchase.

How long will it take to process my order?

Within 5 working days from the confirmation of payment, your order will be shipped, but the times may be reduced if the items are immediately available. In the case of holidays, the goods will be shipped on the first working day. If, on the other hand, the items are sold out in all our stores, the staff will contact you within 48 hours to inform you about the time needed for production, propose an alternative, or provide a refund.
Note: For payments made by bank transfer, the shipment of the goods will only take place once we have confirmation of the credit to our bank account.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs for Italy are standard and amount to €10.00. For destinations in Italy over €180.00 in purchases, shipping costs are free.

For foreign countries, costs vary based on the weight/volume of the order, final destination (EU, non-EU), and whether there are customs duties. In all cases, the amount of transport charges is automatically calculated and visible in the order summary, even before payment.

What are the transportation methods?

To ensure a fast and efficient delivery service, we entrust deliveries only to express couriers with whom we have specific agreements to guarantee secure shipments at sustainable costs. We mainly use Bartolini TNT for Italy and DHL UPS FedEx for abroad, but you may also receive the goods from another carrier.

Can I track my shipment?

Certainly. At the time of pickup, we will send you an email with the name of the carrier and a merchandise tracking code (Tracking number). Starting 24 hours later, by accessing the carrier’s website or your profile, you can monitor the transport status of your goods in real-time.

What are the delivery times?

The delivery times depend on the carrier and the final geographic area. For deliveries in Italy, the average transport times are 24-48 hours, 3-5 days in the case of the Islands. For EU destinations, delivery takes from 1 to 3 days. For shipments to NON-EU countries (Transatlantic shipment), the required time ranges from 1 to 5 days. Once the goods are handed over to the carrier, Ganza Roma is not responsible for delays in delivery.

What happens if I am not present at the delivery?

The courier makes two attempts: if you are absent and unreachable on both occasions, you will need to personally pick up the goods at the carrier’s warehouses, incurring the related storage charges. In case of non-collection and the return of the goods to Ganza Roma, the amount for storage, transportation, and redelivery charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

Can I ship to an address different from mine?

Certainly, enter the new one in the “My Addresses” section on your profile and select it before payment. Confirmation procedures (order, payment, shipping) will be notified to your email, and the tax documentation will be sent to your address, while the goods will be delivered to the recipient with only accompanying documents.


Will I receive the goods exactly as I see them in the photo?

Every Ganza Roma product is handmade, so the color may slightly differ from what is shown in the photo, giving each accessory a unique character. Further color variations can be attributed to subjective perceptions and the specific screen settings of the device used.

I’ve noticed minor variations in the leather texture; is this normal?

All our products undergo strict quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process. Since they are made with natural leathers, any nuances or minor surface imperfections, when not clearly resulting from damage or injuries after production or packaging, cannot be considered defects. On the contrary, they represent distinctive details that ensure the exclusive value of the product and the excellence of the leather used, as well as the treatments reserved for it.

Can I return one or more items purchased online?

If, for any reason, your order does not satisfy you, within 14 days from receipt, you can exercise the Right of Withdrawal (Legislative Decree 206/2005) by immediately notifying Ganza Roma via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or email. The return must be approved by our staff once the goods are received.

How do I make a return?

The merchandise must be returned intact, in its original packaging, with the corresponding warranty tags, and accompanied by the completed Ganza Roma return form and the original sales tax documents. If you prefer, you can return the goods using our couriers or choose another carrier at your discretion. The return shipping costs to Ganza Roma will be your responsibility in all cases.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

Once we receive your return, the staff will check that all requirements have been met. If so, you will receive a confirmation email. If a decrease in the value of the returned items is found, you will be informed of the reduced compensation amount. In any case, the refund will be made within 14 days of the return of the goods and net of the return shipping costs.

Can I request an exchange for the goods purchased online?

If your purchase does not meet your expectations or has marked and objective defects, you can request an exchange by activating the Return procedure and sending back the goods as required. We will send you a personal discount voucher of the same amount containing a valid promotional code for your next purchase at info@ganzaroma.com.


Are my products covered by a warranty?

All items from Ganza Roma come with the warranties provided by the current Italian legislation. For online purchases, customers are covered by the Conformity Guarantee provided by the seller and the Good Operation Guarantee provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please refer to the Sales Conditions or contact our Customer Service by sending an email to info@ganzaroma.com, calling +06 8629577, or sending a WhatsApp message to +39 3385953108.

Under what circumstances can I exercise the warranty?

You can exercise the warranty in all cases where the received goods do not match the placed and confirmed order. Additionally, the warranty can be invoked if the packaging of the received goods is damaged, the items are evidently damaged, or there are functional defects.

What should I do if I receive a tampered package?

If, upon delivery, you notice damage to the packaging (destroyed, opened, or wet package), check the integrity of the goods immediately before signing the receipt and formally report the problem to the courier. If the merchandise inside is then found to be damaged or missing, contact our Customer Service immediately.

I received a different bag than the one I ordered; can I return it?

In the case of an incorrect delivery (non-conforming or missing product), please contact our Customer Service immediately by sending an email to info@ganzaroma.com, calling +39 0686295777, or sending a WhatsApp message to +39 3385953108. Refer to the previous FAQs for the return procedures.


Are all your products handmade in Italy?

Certainly, all Ganza Roma products are entirely made in Italy using exclusively natural leathers (full-grain leather or calf leather). They are tanned, dyed, and crafted using ancient artisanal methods, shaped using sophisticated technologies, and meticulously finished by hand. Therefore, every small imperfection, mark, or micro-defect in the leather should be considered a distinctive feature that certifies its originality and enhances its uniqueness.

What certifies that these are Made in Italy items?

The Made in Italy certification is indicated internally with the wording “Genuine Leather Made in Italy.” In some cases, it is accompanied by a tricolor fabric flag and is also mentioned on the tag that comes with the product.

What does vegetable-tanned leather mean?

Vegetable-tanned leather undergoes a slow processing method using tannins extracted from tree bark. It’s an ancient, ecological, and highly valuable Tuscan traditional process that results in soft, lightweight, and touchably soft leather with natural aesthetics. This type of processed leather, being delicate, requires special care and respect in usage.

How can I be sure it’s genuinely vegetable-tanned leather?

The use of this tanning method is certified by a specific additional tag bearing the mark of the Consortium Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale. It is accompanied by anti-counterfeiting methods and progressive registered numbering.

How can I care for my leather bag?

All-natural leathers require specific care to maintain their shine, integrity, and elastic softness for an extended period. The first rule is not to overload the bag, hydrate it periodically using neutral wax. Never rub vigorously or use hard-bristle brushes. It is also crucial to keep it away from moisture, direct heat sources, perfumes, solvents, and oily substances (make-up).

My bag got wet, what can I do?

To avoid permanent stains or the formation of dense and cracked areas, never expose the leather directly to the hot air from a hairdryer, and do not place the bag on radiators to speed up drying. Instead, dab the wet area with a dry cloth and let it air-dry naturally for the necessary time.

How should I store a bag I’m not using anymore?

After use, empty bags, purses, suitcases, and accessories entirely, air them out, and dust them gently using a soft cloth. It is advisable to fill the bags with tissue paper or uninked kraft paper (which could stain the lining or leather over time) and store them in the wardrobe in their original felt bag, away from metal elements.

How to clean my leather bag?

To preserve beauty and durability, leather items must be treated after use with neutral cream, brushed gently to avoid scratches, and never exposed to water or direct heat. When not in use, they should be periodically aired to prevent mold formation. Any shades, streaks, or marks due to usage are valuable characteristics that elevate the preciousness of the product.

How to maintain the beauty of my leather bag?

As durable as leather is, it is highly sensitive to sunlight: areas exposed to direct light tend to remain lighter. Water leaves dark, often indelible stains or even cracks when it dries too quickly. Bumps and scratches remain engraved as distinctive signs and as memories of travel. Its extraordinary charm lies not only in its unmistakable scent but especially in its unique ability to absorb and narrate the story of its user.

I need to repair my bag; can you help me?

Certainly, send a request for assistance to info@ganzaroma.com, accompanied by one or two photos with a close-up detail of the damage to be repaired. We will contact you as soon as possible to guide you on how to proceed and/or provide a quote if the damage is not covered by the warranty. In any case, Ganza Roma reserves the right to evaluate on a case-by-case basis the opportunity to remedy the damage or propose compensation.

We offer a lifetime repair service. This service is completely free for 12 months after purchase, after which you will only be required to pay for the shipping to and from our factory. To learn more about the service, click here.


To learn more about the service, click here.

Available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.

PHONE. +39 3385953108 WHATSAPP +06 86295777


Is it safe to enter credit card information on the site? What is the SSL protocol?

Purchasing on the Ganza Roma site is easy, fast, convenient, and, above all, secure. For the protection of pages requiring the input of personal, purchase, and payment data, SSL, a secure and cutting-edge protocol for data protection traveling through the network, has been chosen.

How can I verify that the SSL security protocol is active when entering my data?

The “security” of an area on the Internet is indicated by an icon depicting a closed padlock located at the bottom right of the browser (Internet Explorer) or bottom left (Netscape). This happens when all “frames” (i.e., all components of the page) are “secure.” Since an SSL connection slows down the download times of web pages, sometimes, for a solution that combines security and browsing speed, only the “frames” dedicated to entering customer data are protected by SSL, not those containing the menu bar (on the left).

Therefore, during navigation on our site, the icon depicting the padlock may not appear, even if the frame dedicated to entering personal data is protected by the SSL3 protocol. You can always check if an area is “secure” with this simple operation: with the mouse pointer placed on the area of interest, right-click and choose the “Properties” option (Internet Explorer) or “View Frame Info” (Netscape) and check that the page address is preceded by “https://” instead of “http://”.

How should I configure the browser to enable SSL security protocols?

For the proper functioning of the security protocol, it is necessary to enable the browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) to receive cookies and activate the SSL2/SSL3 protocols in the Security Options. If you use Internet Explorer, select “Internet Options” from the “View” menu, choose the “Advanced” folder, and activate the SSL2 and SSL3 protocols in the “Security” section. If you use Netscape, select in order: Communicator, Tools, Security Info; on the displayed page, select “Navigator” (on the left) and activate the SSL2 and SSL3 protocols (on the right). Also, if properly configured, the browser notifies the user that they are accessing a secure page through a “pop-up” (a gray window that overlays the screen).

SSL Protocol At 128 BIT

Communication between the browser and the bank’s server is guaranteed by an encrypted SSL protocol certified at 128 bits (currently the highest security standard with Verysign digital certification).

Encrypted Parameters

In this way, since the parameters transmitted through the customer’s browser are encrypted with highly secure algorithms, the consumer will be guaranteed the absolute confidentiality of the data provided.

General Conditions of Sale:


Orders will be accepted exclusively in written form via email, by completing all fields in the highlighted form on the website www.ganzaroma.com. Technical information may be subject to changes and adjustments without prior notice.

Ganza Roma reserves the right to evaluate and accept online orders via a specific order confirmation.


All prices listed on the current price list are in Euros and inclusive of VAT. Prices on the list may be automatically updated without notice. Payment by the customer must be made using the methods indicated on the website.
If you buy with Klarna, you receive your order immediately and pay in 3 installments. Note that the installments will be transferred to Increment SPV S.r.l., related parties, and their assignees, and you authorize this transfer.


Ganza Roma reserves the right to fulfill orders partially or with split deliveries, unless the buyer expressly requests complete fulfillment in a single shipment by a specified date.


Shipments will be made through carriers available from Ganza Roma at the time. If the carrier is chosen and commissioned in any way by the buyer, Ganza Roma disclaims all responsibility after the goods leave its warehouses.


Delivery, unless otherwise agreed, will normally occur within five working days of the order confirmation, during office hours: 9:00-12:30, 14:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.


Payment of customs duties will be the customer’s responsibility for each individual shipment, and the amount will be determined according to the law in force in the destination country, communicated to the customer by the courier only at the time of delivery. In case of non-payment of duties by the customer, delivery will not be executed, the order will be canceled, and the amount of customs duties possibly advanced by Ganza Roma will be retained from the amount paid by the customer, with Ganza Roma’s right to request reimbursement of the expenses incurred for shipping.


At the time of delivery, the buyer is responsible for checking the integrity of the packages and the quantitative and qualitative correspondence with what is indicated in the accompanying document. In case of discrepancies, the buyer must accept the goods with a reservation and send written notice to Ganza Roma within eight days of receipt. Any reports beyond the indicated deadlines will not be considered.


The buyer may withdraw from the contract in written form, without additional costs or penalties and without the obligation to provide reasons, within 14 days of receiving the goods, by means of written communication via registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, possibly sent in advance via email to info@ganzaroma.com. In this case, the return of the goods will be governed by the following clause.


Notwithstanding the above, the customer may request Ganza Roma to collect the delivered goods at any time, by email to info@ganzaroma.com. The request must clearly state the reason, as well as the references of the invoice or transport and delivery document. The request will be evaluated by Ganza Roma, which will respond to the customer as soon as possible, and in case of acceptance, will proceed to take charge of the goods.

In any case, the products must be returned complete, in perfect condition, and in their original packaging or repackaged in such a way as to guarantee safe transport. The shipment must be exclusively carriage paid. The customer will remain responsible for any damage to the goods or decrease in the value of the goods resulting from improper handling or alteration of the goods, or negligence or carelessness of the carrier.


Ganza Roma provides customers who purchase as consumers with the legal warranty under the Consumer Code approved by Legislative Decree 06/09/2005, n. 206, for any defects in the conformity of the goods with the customer’s order. Therefore, the consumer customer is entitled to the restoration at no cost of the conformity of the product through repair or replacement, or, if this is not possible, to a reduction in the purchase price or the resolution of the contract. The warranty will be effective if the defect of conformity occurs within two years of the delivery of the goods. The consumer customer has the obligation to report to Ganza Roma any defect of conformity within two months of its discovery. The warranty does not cover damage caused by tampering, neglect, transport, or any activity attributable to the customer and external to the control of Cuoieria Fiorentina.


Ganza Roma will, at the customer’s request, carry out small repairs at no cost to the customer except for shipping costs. For more complex repairs or interventions, the customer will be charged the actual cost of labor and materials used for the repair, without any additional cost, subject to communication to the customer of the cost estimate, and subject to their acceptance.


The buyer undertakes to verify the integrity and quality of the purchased product at the time of delivery, releasing Ganza Roma from any responsibility arising from any dispute with the end user of the purchased products.

It is understood that Ganza Roma undertakes, within the terms provided by the warranty clause, exclusively towards its customer and direct buyer, who assumes all the burden of communicating and explaining to their potential buyers the scope of the responsibilities of Ganza Roma and these general sales conditions.

The conditions contained in this document may be modified without notice and will be valid from the date of publication on the Internet site.


Commercial relations between Ganza Roma and buyers are exclusively governed by the following general sales conditions, excluding any other agreement if not agreed in writing. For any aspect not provided for, Italian law will apply, also for the interpretation of these conditions. For any disputes that may arise regarding the application, execution, interpretation of the contract, or these general contract conditions, the Court of ROME, Italy, will have jurisdiction. However, the protection guaranteed to the consumer customer by the imperative provisions of the law of the country in which they usually reside or are domiciled remains valid.

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